The Forum now provide a Volunteer Coordinator to assist people considering volunteering as a stepping stone in their recovery. The coordinator is available to meet with people in an informal setting (usually a cafe) to ascertain their goals and aspirations for the short and long term. They can share their knowledge of current and imminent opportunities countywide and help make informed choices to best provide an enjoyable and rewarding volunteering experience for everyone.

Those requiring minimal support can be simply signposted toward opportunities if this is their preferred way forward but if more support is required the Coordinator is there to help. This help can include accompanying volunteers to interviews, screening opportunities or simply making that first phone call if that would help. The coordinator can also discuss any opportunities within the Forum for those who are interested in using their own lived experience in Peer work.

The key to volunteering is that it should be beneficial for both the individual and for any charity/organisation they are supporting with their time. Feedback from people who have worked with the service underlines the fact that volunteering can improve general wellbeing by providing a real purpose and a stepping stone to an individual's goals

Please contact admin@dorsetmentalhealthforum.org.uk or call us on 01305 257172 if you would like more information